New Website HATCH’ed by Nonprofit Teaming Up with Egg Producers to End Food Insecurity

New Website HATCH’ed by Nonprofit Teaming Up with Egg Producers to End Food Insecurity
Nov 6, 2023

It was a simple idea: could farmers help end hunger by providing healthy food? Started in 2015, HATCH for Hunger, began testing the idea with food banks in Indiana. Today, the nonprofit connects egg farmers with food banks and pantries across the United States, delivering more than 500,000 dozen eggs a year to families in need.

To help share the stories, a new digital hub, was launched this week. The new site will provide an in-depth look at the nonprofit, its partners, and also serve up volunteering opportunities.

Critical to HATCH’s success are the egg producers who donate high-quality eggs to the cause. Indiana-based partners like Rose Acre Farms of Seymour and Midwest Poultry of North Manchester, provide eggs on a monthly basis, totaling over 600,000 in egg donations for 2018.

“Without the generosity of our egg producers, HATCH wouldn’t exist,” says Randy Reichmann, CEO of HATCH. “It’s a good feeling knowing food banks are receiving the high-quality, nutritional eggs they need to combat food insecurity in their areas.”

Reichmann also points out that volunteers and donations are needed, too. He reassures those who aren’t sure how to get involved that it can look different for everyone.

“Everyone has the ability to join the fight. Whether it’s adopting a food pantry or donating time and resources, every little bit goes a long way,” Reichmann says. “Even engaging with HATCH on social media helps spread the word and tell HATCH’s story.”

Whether someone is looking for a place to volunteer, donate locally or even needs a little help, the updated ‘Find a Pantry’ tool makes it easy to locate a food bank or pantry nearby. With a simple zip code or address, the closest locations across Indiana, Missouri or Arizona will appear.

“It’s important that finding HATCH partners is a simple process,” says Reichmann. “Our goal is to connect people to the right opportunities, and ultimately end food insecurity across the United States.”

Started in 2015, HATCH began with the vision of ending food insecurity by connecting farmers with food giving organizations. Through partnerships with Indiana-based Rose Acre Farms and Midwest Poultry Services, eggs are donated to food banks spanning Indiana, Missouri and Arizona. With help from volunteers and financial donations, HATCH continues to lead the charge on making the world more food secure, one egg at a time. To learn more, visit