Our History

About Us

What began in 2015 as two employees and a truck has grown to a national operation functioning in 31+ states serving over 80 food banks & pantries.

Our Vision

Deliver 300M+ Protein Rich Meals per Year

Our vision is to sustainably deliver 300M protein rich meals per year to hunger relief organizations by 2025 providing better nutrition, better diet, and better health and well-being to children and adults enriching lives and lowering medical costs for generations to come.

Our Mission

Build a Protein Secure & Sustainable Supply Chain

Our mission, since 2015, is to build a protein secure supply chain by connecting animal protein, direct from farmers to hunger relief organizations through an efficient, sustainable, & value-based model.

Core Values

The Values that Drive our Mission


We believe in the power of communities coming together to combat hunger. Our focus is on collaborating with partners, and ensuring that everyone in our community has access to essential proteins.


Embracing humility allows us to listen attentively to the needs of those we support, fostering a culture of learning and collaboration essential to our mission of alleviating hunger and fostering sustainable change.


Our unique, sustainable business model assures that we meet the immediate needs for nutritious food while safeguarding future resources, contributing to a healthier planet and fostering self-reliance within communities we serve.

Generational Change

We recognize that addressing hunger requires long-term solutions that span across generations. By empowering partners and implementing sustainable programs, we aim to break the cycle of hunger, creating a lasting impact for a future where food insecurity is minimized.

Our Team

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Hunger is a complex issue. It's not just getting hungry people food, it's about getting people the right kinds of foods. Healthy food costs more, meaning foods that help with development and set children up for success are a privilege not afforded to all.

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