Partners Across Egg Industry Team Up to Donate to Iowa Disaster Relief Efforts

Partners Across Egg Industry Team Up to Donate to Iowa Disaster Relief Efforts
Jun 19, 2024

HATCH is proud to announce the recent donation of eggs to the Food Bank of Iowa to aid in disaster relief efforts for those impacted by devastating tornadoes.

This donation of over 12,000 dozen eggs was made possible through the incredible support of Rose Acre Farms, the American Egg Board, the Iowa Egg Council, and Hy-Line International. It signifies not only the power of community but also the deep commitment of the egg industry to provide high-quality protein to everyone across the nation, including those most in need.

“Eggs are essential in our work to end hunger,” said Food Bank of Iowa CEO Michelle Book. “Eggs are high in nutrients, are enjoyed across many cultures, and are easy to prepare for breakfast, lunch or dinner – whether you’re 9 or 90. We are grateful for this generous donation, which will quickly be distributed to Iowans in need across all the counties we serve.”

The donated eggs will be allocated to various pantries across the Food Bank of Iowa network, providing immediate relief and recovery aid to those affected by the severe weather and may not have the time or resources to get to a grocery store or cook full, high-quality meals.

"HATCH was built on the principle that everyone deserves access to fresh, high-quality protein," says Danny Leckie, CEO of HATCH. "We are lucky to have incredible partners who align with our mission to create universal nutrition security and have no hesitation at jumping in to help those most in need. Their active participation and generosity are a testament to the positive influence of community involvement during times of need.”

HATCH envisions a world where every person has access to adequate nutrition and is committed to harnessing the power of the global egg industry to achieve this goal. The organization is touched by the support shown by the community and the egg industry, which reaffirms our collective strength to make a profound impact.